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Witness world record-breaking history.

How would you like to be part of a world record event? The challenge is officially on at Olympia London as the extraordinary designer and builder KaplaBen is set to take to our show floor with a Guinness World Record attempt.

The challenge

The goal is to achieve the successful construction of KAPLA blocks in a tower format, to a height of no less than 25 metres with thousands of KAPLA planks. Once constructed, the tower will collapse via a domino-style effect.

The current world record for the tallest wooden tower is 18.76 metres, comprised of 11,052 KAPLA planks and was achieved in 2021.

What to expect

Amongst inspiring and world-class creativity, let your own imagination flourish with a day overflowing with endless learning, art and inspiration.

  • Shop the best of KAPLA: With a showcase of KAPLA’s latest, greatest, and most popular ranges, browse a great variety of products to help inspire you to kickstart a future record-breaking attempt.
  • Unite with the arts community: For aspiring artists, architects, and designers, this is a unique opportunity to gain new, fresh, and unique perspectives for your own personal and educational projects. Alongside this unique architectural achievement, meet with fellow members of the community, including architects, engineers, artists, photographers, designers, and filmmakers.
  • Quizzes and competitions: Amongst the record-breaking competitiveness, take part in the event’s quiz and best photo competition to claim a range of fantastic prizes.
  • Still-life competition: Ready to put your skills to the test? If you have a passion for art, this is your opportunity to get your work seen by an esteemed panel of judges at the show’s very own still-life drawing competition

For young people

  • Drop-in and play sessions: To encourage cognitive development, creativity and art, students are invited to take part in a range of interactive sessions led by Jennifer Noire and KAPLA UK Clubs. This is held on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June.
  • Exclusive prizes: To be in with a chance of winning some unique and exclusive KAPLA prizes for your school, simply register online to attend this event.

For adults

  • Private drinks preview: On Thursday 22nd June, visitors are invited to an exclusive private drinks preview to see the first build of the tower. To register, please click here.

Upcoming events

KAPLA Guinness World Record Event 2023

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