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Indulge in a delectable world of gastronomy.

Food professionals, are you hungry for the ultimate gastronomic adventure? Where international chefs, restaurants and food and beverage enthusiasts unite, immerse yourself in the exquisite culture, taste and aromas from regions across the globe at Gastromasa.

Bridging the gap between the world and gastronomy, there is so much to savour and discover in one flavourful destination. Notoriously known as one of the industry's leading gastronomy events, embark on an irresistible journey exploring the career journeys and awe-inspiring talent of the most acclaimed chefs including:

  • Ferran Adrià
  • Dabiz Muñoz
  • Ana Roš
  • Eduard Xatruch
  • Diego Guerrero
  • Clare Smyth
  • Jeremy Chan
  • Tom Aikens
  • Jordi Roca
  • Antonio Bachour 

Cure your appetite for inspiration with a whole host of interviews, panels and live demos homing in on the established restaurants, menus and design and creativity processes chefs are driven by. What’s more, shape your future in hospitality with ground-breaking success stories led by gastronomy professionals and investors. 

The full conference programme can be viewed here.

Gastromasa 2024

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